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Zhejiang Hamag Technology Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprises specialized in laboratory instrument, chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration. Products mainly include autosampler vials, HPLC vials, sample vials, caps, septa,TOC vials and chromatography consumables. 

Enterprise development

Enterprise vision: to become China's great sample bottle manufacturers and suppliers

Enterprise mission: to provide the user with a reassuring products with good quality

Service concept: beyond the consumer expectations, let the customer trust

The company's quality assurance from two aspects

1 Raw materials inspection and test: the quality department inspects the raw materials according to relevant provisions and inspection standards, and qualified raw materials are accepted.

2 Finished products inspection and testing: the final product only can be saled after pass strict inspection and testing.


Focus on research and development of production: sample bottles, polypropylene plastic cover, PTFE composite silicone mat, automatic bottle, empty bottles, standard reference substance storage bottle, bottle of mobile phase solvent. 

Applicable to instruments of international brands.

♦ Quality guarantee— Strict production inspection

♦ Multiple choice—Products can be applied to many analysis technology and field

♦ Safe logistics—Ensure the security of the transportation and storage via strict inspection and selection